January 24, 2021

West Bengal State Lottery Result

Welcome back! Our beloved lotto players, we have something fantastic for you. We should mention that the time is over, the wait is over, the frustration is over and the West Bengal state lottery result finally revealed. It is time to become rich and enjoy your life at another level of luxury. 

West Bengal state lottery is today’s number one lottery which has a massive number of participants along with the high value of winning the prize. 

This lotto is considered the economical stabilizer in this state. This game is rewarding the ordinary people or even poor people with a massive amount of money and also contributing to the welfare of the social and economic system of the state.

Because of bulk ticket selling the state is earning a decent revenue through this system. Millions of people are playing this game daily three times and the ticket they buy is generating revenue for the state and welfare programs. 

On the other side, players who are winning are brightening up their lifestyles and living a healthy and royal life.

West Bangel State Lottery Result for Today

As I mentioned earlier, the lottery is rewarding so high and people are winning thrice a day. Because of its three draws a day, the lottery is rewarding more as compare to any other game. 

The first prize is almost 26 lakhs of Indian rupees and second prize reward is 9000 INR, then third and fourth prizes are 500 and 250 INR respectively and the final prize which is the fifth prize is 120 INR. 

So now you can check the complete list of result for West Bengal Lottery Result with the winning amount of the following:

  • First Prize Winner – Rs. 300000/-
  • Second Prize Winner – Rs. 9000/-
  • Relief Prize Winner – Rs. 1000/-
  • Third Prize Winner – Rs. 500/-
  • Fourth Prize Winner – Rs. 250/-
  • Fifth Prize Winner – Rs. 120/-

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad

Sambad lottery players are really lucky for today as the time for today’s Sambad lottery result is up now. All the lottery Sambad participants are ready to check the live result of today’s draw.

The lotto result has been updated and now it is up to you how you want to check the draw result. If you want to check the result through the PC or Laptop, then you should download the PDF result pf today’s lottery. For all those participants who don’t have any Pc or Laptop or using a smartphone to reach the result, then you should check the result directly on the website.

Final Thoughts

West Bengal state lottery result is finally on the edge. All the candidates are suggested to get up hurry and check their lottery tickets and make a match with the result list. It’s not odd that you could be the next winner of lottery Sambad.

This website is recommending a very user-friendly and updated website to check the result of the west Bengal lottery. 

Try to visit the site and find anything you need about the lottery. 

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