January 22, 2021
Mixtiles, a great way to decorate your home.

Mixtiles, a great way to decorate your home.

The Crystal Ball says that 2020 will all be about interior design. Since everyone has spent a significant time indoors due to the pandemic, this has increased everyone’s urge to redecorate their space to feel better. Among thousands of ideas out there to decorate your home, the one that has gained popularity is embellishing the walls with photo tiles.

Pictures are one of the few things nobody hates. Everyone loves the idea of their favorite moments with favorite people hanging up on the walls. Pictures are a great way to bring to life great memories and make you feel them again in the comfort of your home.

As everyone can’t be a professional interior decorator, no matter how many ideas you search over the Internet. Every redecorating project does not end up the way you thought it would. What if you find a pattern-perfect image and drive all the nails through your walls accordingly, but the results are not what you expect. It would leave you devastated with all the damage to the walls and the energy wasted. Don’t worry! You can still be an interior designer; you just need some practice. You must be worried about how your walls would end up with all that practice. Relax! We have a great solution to that, Mixtiles! You must be wondering what these are?

Mixtiles are custom printed photo tiles that are stickable. The great thing about them is that they can be stuck, restuck, and restuck as many times as you want. You can do all the practice you need and try as many patterns as you like to find the perfect one for your living room.

The cherry on top, you should know that these are 1/10 time lesser than conventional framing of photos. They only cost $58 for the first three tiles and then only $9 for every tile you add to the same order.

Also, now and then, we come across Mixtiles promo codes, which give off the same incredible photos in even lesser price. Due to the lockdown in many places, many people are on a strict budget, and redecorating your space can quickly get you out of budget. Mixtiles promo codes are here to save you from that.

The great news is that Mixtiles is offering a 30% discount this August 2020. The promo codes ‘LOVESALESANDSNOW,’ ‘FREEGREEN30’, ‘NOMOREFLOWERS30’, ‘SOCIALGREE30′, and ’10PLUS10B’ are currently active.

Adding the Mixtiles promo code to your order is nothing complicated. Go to the website proceed to the ‘let’s go.’ Provide your details, go to the menu icon, and select the ‘Enter promo code.’ Enter the Mixtiles promo code you wish to use. Move onto the image selection, and finally, check out. If you are using Mixtiles Android or iOS application, you need to enter the promo code first and then begin with ‘let’s go,’ and such easily the deed is done.

There are also various design options to choose its frame from, namely: bold, clear, classic, ever, and edge, without the concern of price difference. All the designs are elegant and well structured, keeping in mind the majority’s demand.

Apart from being able to restuck and affordable, Mixtiles have other attractive attributes. These 8 x 8″ tiles are constructed to withstand their weight easily, and one doesn’t have to bother about them falling off.

The quality that Mixtiles offer is also outstanding. Their print is high quality, and if someone provides an image with low resolution and won’t give a good result, they ask for a reselection. Mixtiles won’t let their client get any product that is not up to the mark.

Additional to all this, the shipping is completely free, and Mixtiles claim that it always will be! Also, it takes a week to get the product delivered.

If you have any queries or issues, Mixtiles’ excellent customer service is there to serve you. Their representatives are fluent in many languages and are extremely helpful, making the entire process a piece of cake. Also, one can simply shoot an email at hi@mixtiles.com and get a representative to solve your query.

Mixtiles will serve as the best gift for your loved ones. Be it for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, someone’s anniversary or birthday. What is better than gifting a great moment together to relive every time you look at it. Photos never get out of fashion; hence gifting a few Mixtiles can’t either. And with the Mixtiles promo codes, you can extend a great gift that too on a budget.

If you’re not convinced to add Mixtiles to your list of redecoration yet, you should visit it on the app store to find 17,000 reviews and a 4.8 rating overall. That would definitely convince you!

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