I’m Carl Scutt, watch lover, keen boater and internet blogger with a number of websites under my belt and behind me. After all my years building websites I’ve finally decided to publish a site dedicated to my lifelong interest. So here I am with monetizetheweb.

What’s my story? I’m a real person, that’s me on the left taking a ferry to the Greek Island of Symi. You’ll probably learn over time I love boats and anything to do with the sea. Over the years I’ve worked in the tech industry studied hard to understand internet marketing and although I have a lot of knowledge I am still learning every day. It really is a nonstop learning curve, but success in this business equals lots of hard work, and continuous learning. At least websites are easier to build now. It’s hard to believe I started out in the tech industry, in websites, back in the old days when everything was hand coded and WordPress was still a distant idea.

Why did I decide help people make money online? All my years working in tech and living online I wasn’t finding what I wanted. There’re tons of sites tons of gurus, some good, some bad. But all of them are lacking some element and none of them have a convincing ‘voice’. There’s no ‘One Stop Shop‘ authority site for making the right choices.

I want to change that by offering a voice that my readers can identify with and feel real engagement. How else can you trust my opinion to gain genuine valuable and insight? I also want to give you access to the best resources to help you find a genuinely opportunities away from bricks and mortar businesses. But I also want it to be a grounded experience.

Go to any website and you’ll see I’m right. You’ll see lots of info but no personality, no voice, no trust. I am here to give you that voice.

It’s my ultimate aim to become the ‘Go To‘ authority in the online marketing.  I hope my readers will join me, and together we can make a ‘kick arse’ resource giving sound, informed,  and accurate views. I expect some opinions will be unpopular, some readers may disagree with me, but that’s because I’m a real person with real opinions. At the end of the day, I always invite discussion and comments so that’s cool.

Basically, I ‘m here because I was looking for an authority site for my own use. When I didn’t find one it became clear the responsibility was on me to build it myself.

I guess you’ll probably want to know a bit more about me? After all, I keep telling you I ‘m real so here’s my life in a nutshell.

After living and working in London, Bristol and Barcelona, I am lucky enough to live the on farthest possible point south of Europe without living in North Africa. This means I can make the most of the Mediterranean sun and culture, spending time with my family, friends and fiancé.  When I get the chance I like to go scuba diving here in the Med but sadly I haven’t been able to make the time this year, but perhaps next year I’ll try harder.

Back on dry land, this is me out for tapas (to the left) in Puerto Banus, Marbella, with Mum, Dad, Sisters, and Fiancé. We all live down here (separately!) in southern Spain apart from ‘BIG SIS’ to my left. She lives in the cold and rain of England but visits when she wants some sunshine. It really is the perfect place to appreciate the location independent lifestyle of an internet marketer.

On that thought, I just wanted to push to point home. The internet opens up an enormous number of opportunities but there’s also a million ways to get suckered into a scam of some description. I know about this first hand after falling foul of a few rip-offs in the past. Please don’t feel bad if you’ve had an experience, these guys scam for a living and work hard at it. If they put as much time and effort into offering genuine products they’d do much better and wouldn’t need to be looking over their shoulder.

I’m working hard to offer the best advice possible and always advise my readers ask as many questions as they feel they need to feel safe buying products online. What’s better than having someone else ‘Test Drive’ the products first, right? So my job’s to steer you clear of a bad decision by reviewing products and put them out there with my recommendations, so you don’t have to waste time and money like I did.

You’re Not Alone. There are thousands, if not millions of people like me, and you, struggling to track down quality information. We’re all looking for information that we can trust, delivered with personality.

I’m really looking forward to building a relationship with all my readers and I ask that you leave questions and comments, telling what you think about my site. If there’s something you particularly want to see please let me know what and I’ll try to deliver. Oh, and if you like the site please give it a share to left others know about what’s coming :o)

Until we speak, take care.